Terms and Conditions

The Terms

These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) are a legal and binding agreement between users (“Users”) and Quizlo Powered by A&D Associates (referred to as the “(Company)”, in relation to the games and applications made available by Quizlo”, (jointly and interchangeably referred to as the “Services”), and any information, text, graphics, video, sound, pictures, and any other materials appearing, sent, uploaded, communicated, transmitted or otherwise made available via the above mentioned Services (jointly referred to as the “Content”).

By using our services and or content, you are hereby agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions given below.

Users state that they are of legal age (minimum 18 years of age) to access the Services and Content, or if legally possible, to access with their legal guardian consent, due authorization and agreement with these Terms.

The Services, Content

Users in compliance with these terms shall access the services, content solely for own personal, private use and not for any non-commercial purposes. The services and or content shall be modified from time to time without prior notice or communication. Furthermore, Quizlo deserves complete rights to and at it’s own discretion shall decide to cease partially or completely the provision of services and content without prior notice or communication.

Services that may include adverts, queries submitted or any other information are subject to change. Quizlo or it’s third party service providers or partners may place advertisements via the services provided using the content provided by you or others.

Users are subjected to adhere and comply with the rules, scoring and guidelines. Quizlo is not responsible for the charges or cost incurred by Users for using the services or content.

Quizlo doesn’t verify and validate all the content available through the services, advertisements and take no liability for the representations, warranties, guaranties related to the value, quality, suitability, accuracy as promised by Quizlo or any third party vendors. Users acknowledge sole responsibility and risk arising from the usage or services and content.

Creating an account

For using the services and content Users may be required to create an account and register with Quizlo. While creating an account, Users may need to provide certain personal information such as name, phone number, username, password etc. Users agree to provide correct and accurate information while registering upon understanding all the consequences and risks associated with the same.

Quizlo doesn’t take any responsibility or liability for loss or damage or leakage or information submitted by the Users. User accounts created are limited, not transferrable, non-sub licensable. Users shall take all necessary precautions in safeguarding their private, sensitive information. Quizlo doesn’t take any responsibility for any loss that users may suffer as a result of an unauthorized access, fraudulently or otherwise to their accounts, or use of services.

  • Hence while creating User accounts, Users are advised to Create user account in a most unique, exclusive and secure manner using mobile number.
  • Not create more than one user accounts
  • Nor create user accounts for impersonating someone
  • Not create user accounts with obscene or vulgar content

Users further comply that when using social networking sites to login and use Quizlo services, users are granting Quizlo the access to their social media profiles for the sole purpose of collecting any relevant information such as name, profile picture, gender, date of birth etc. Users are solely responsible for the confidentiality of password and use the service itself to renew their password in case of losing or forgetting the same. Quizlo will be exempt from liability in case Users fail to renew, recover the password by themselves.

Quizlo reserves the right to terminate Users account in the event of Users misrepresenting, misusing, providing false information, impersonating, spreading false propaganda or have been found to be violating these terms and conditions.

Quiz Levels, Contests, and Wallet Purchases

Quizlo may conduct promotions that include or doesn’t include daily, 3 days, weekly, 15 days or monthly contests, prizes, Quiz levels, rewards and Jackpots that carry their own additional terms and conditions apart from the terms and conditions described here.

Quiz levels are progressions users gain by using the services provided via the apps. Quiz levels are determined by several factors including the number of quizzes played, points scored via a proprietary algorithm written, developed and maintained by A&D Associates. Levels don’t represent no real-world valuation of any sort and doesn’t have any monetary value however represents user skill level. The quantity or quality or access to associated scores, rules, deals, contests, contests formats etc. depend upon the extent Users use the services as decided by the algorithm and as permitted by the terms and conditions and private policy. Levels gained, leaderboards, contests, rewards, cash prizes and Jackpots in any format are not transferrable and saleable to others.

The winning results however, if permitted by the rules of contests, services can be redeemed against the proposed exchange offers. Quizlo or A&D Associates reserves the right to withdraw, cancel anytime during the usage of services without prior notice and information. Users acknowledge that they are not entitled for any refund or any sort for the unused levels or unattained points.

How to Play?

Every registered user will be allowed to play unlimited games to play. The number of questions in a quiz is dependent on the sole discretion of the administrator.

Privacy policy

Any information that users provide to Quizlo is subject to the privacy policy which governs the collection and use of information. Users understand that through their use of services, they consent to the collection, use and transfer of such information as set forth in the privacy policy. Please refer to Quizlo privacy policy here.

Users understand, acknowledge and accept that they are subject to receive occasional communications such as service announcements, select promotional messages and administrative messages.

Intellectual Property

Users acknowledge that all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the services, is owned by or licensed to Quizlo. By submitting any information or content through the services, Users grant Quizlo a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license with the right to sublicense – to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, distribute and make derivative works of such content in any and all media or distribution methods now known or later developed.


Quizlo reserves the right at all times to remove or refuse to include, distribute and/or display any content on the services to suspend or terminate Users and to reclaim usernames and or any channel name without any liability. Quizlo also reserves the right to access, read, preserve and disclose any information as it is reasonably believed is necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request while detecting, preventing or otherwise addressing fraud, security or technical issues or to protect its rights, property or safety of Users and 3rd parties.

Users shall not access, tamper, scan, crack, track, test, hack, breach or circumvent any authentication measures by any means unless or otherwise authorized by Quizlo in a written manner. Such actions with any direct motive or indirect resultant or any actions that affects Quizlo availability, performance, overloading, credibility, revenue, brand image, serviceability etc. without pre-approved authorization are strictly prohibited.

Quizlo reserves the right to suspend or terminate any access to the services including terminating or deleting accounts and any content related without any notice or communication. In cases of breach or even there is a reasonable belief that User(s) are in breach of these terms shall compensate Quizlo for all losses, harm, claims and expenses that may arise.

Legal Terms & Conditions

Quizlo is a skill based Quiz Game that is clearly defined in the recently passed by The Nagaland Prohibition of Gambling and Promotion and Regulation of Online Games of Skill Bill, 2015, in which the skill game and allow to run/operate of this type of skill games.

Users who are participating/registering with Quizlo should not be under the age of 18 to use the service.

By participating in the Quizlo campaign, users provide consent to the following information available on Quizlo platform such as name, score, etc. to be communicated to its vendor as required for publication in any media for the purpose of Winner’s announcement. Quizlo may, at its discretion, choose not to disclose the identity of the selected Winner(s) to other Participants unless expressly mentioned herein. The Participants also consent to the information being stored in the servers of A&D Associates or its service providers.

Wallet account security is player’s responsibility and at no time player is supposed to give its password and login id to any other player or friend or family.

  • Quizlo is skill based game and is being made purely on a “best effort” basis and participation of eligible Participants is voluntary, and subject to the applicable terms and conditions.
  • The campaigns running on Quizlo service can be weekly, monthly or daily.
  • The winning Prize and quiz question count can vary from campaign to campaign and is sole discretion of Quizlo team.
  • The gratifications offered in the Quizlo game will be sponsored and distributed by “ A&D Associates”.
  • The gratification under this Quizlo service is neither assignable nor transferable under any circumstance, unless specifically provided hereunder.
  • Users should not use their account to cheat or hack the game by any means.
  • Any failure on Participant/Winner part to comply with directions issued by “Quizlo” for claiming the gratification shall entitle to forfeit the gratification.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that all copyright and trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the SMS content, WAP, Mobile application, Website and all material or content related to the Offer shall remain, at all times, owned by Quizlo and/or their respective owners. All material and content contained is made available for Participant’s personal and non-commercial use only. Any other use of the material/ content on the platform and/ or any information disseminated by SMS or any other means of communication is strictly prohibited.
  • Post Winner(s) declaration and completion of their announcement and further process as the case may be if Quizlo finds that the declared Winner(s) are erroneous then Quizlo reserves the right to declare the correct Winner(s) again (as per the T&C) and cancel the Prize of Winner(s) declared earlier and the same decision of Quizlo shall not be challenged by any erroneously selected Winners.
  • Quizlo shall not be responsible for any claims from any Participant/Winner(s) or any third party arising out of any failure(s) which is beyond the reasonable control of Quizlo. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Organizer shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of technical failures before, during or after the completion of the Offer including but not limited to any technical failures in the mobile/device/computer/laptop connectivity, delay in sending or receiving the SMS for participating in the Offer, any type of delay , any action that has been initiated, actioned or completed through his/her mobile phones/device/computer/laptop, failure of servers or any type of failures arising out of technical snags or resultant inability of the Participant(s).
  • The Participant’s or User’s hereby agree and undertake not to hold the Organizer and/or any of their group entities or affiliates, their respective directors, officers, employees, responsible for or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses, either direct or indirect or remote that they may/might have suffered, sustained or incurred, or claim to suffer, sustain or incur, by way of and /or on account of this Campaign.
  • The Prize(s) to the Winner(s) shall be given subject to compliance with all applicable statutory legislations, processes and formalities in connection with the Prize(s) and on production of all such documents/papers as may be required by Quizlo before accepting the delivery of the Prize. Any failure on the part of the Winner(s) to comply with directions issued by Quizlo for claim of Prize shall entitle Quizlo team to forfeit the Prize(s) or roll the Prize over to the next eligible Winner(s), at their sole discretion.
  • Any Participant or User providing any incorrect information or concealing/withholding any information from Quizlo with intent to participate and/or be chosen as the Winner(s) of the Offer will automatically be disqualified from participating in it and being chosen as the Winner(s) of the different categories of Prize. Such act of providing incorrect information or concealing/withholding any information, including without limitation incorrect declaration of information relating to name, age, identity, address, mobile connection of Operator number, domicile etc., by the Participant or dispute with the Quizlo Platform, shall entitle Quizlo to disqualify him/her without any further intimation. Quizlo reserves its right to take appropriate legal action against any Participant involved in illegal/unauthorized activity.
  • Any dispute arising out of the Campaign Offer’s T&C shall first be attempted to be resolved amicably through negotiations. In the event, amicable settlement fails, the dispute shall be referred to Mediation. The venue of Mediation shall be at Mumbai only.
  • This Offer and T&C are subject to Nepal laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Kathmandu.
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Quizlo reserves the right to make any changes as needed to the terms and conditions without intimating the users. The modified terms will be posted on our site or apps and users are requested to review the changes made. Negligence to do so and continuing use of our apps would mean that you have agreed to comply by the modified terms and conditions.