What is Quizlo?

Quizlo is the information quiz game which offers multiple option questions on various topics

How to play game in Quizlo?

Once you enter into a campaign, you will be shown quiz question with 4 options and among them 1 is the correct one. You will be given 5 question for each quiz and you have attempt them within 10 seconds each.

What are subscription fees in Quizlo?

Subscription Plans Price (Excl. Taxes) in NRs. Price (Incl. Taxes) in NRs.
Quizlo 3 days One Time 12 15.32
Quizlo Weekly One Time 30 38.31
Quizlo 15 days One Time 40 51
Quizlo Monthly One Time 60 76.61
Quizlo 3 days Recurring 12 15.32
Quizlo Weekly Recurring 30 38.31
Quizlo 15 days Recurring 40 51
Quizlo Monthly Recurring 60 76.61

* Please note for recurring price points your subscription will automatically be renewed on end date of your subscription.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe to Quizlo?

User can subscribe and unsubscribe to Quizlo by visiting our WAP portal – http://np.quizlo.mobi or by sending SMS to our Short Code as given below.

Quizlo Keywords Activation Deactivation
One Time 3 Days START Q1 STOP Q
One Time Weekly START Q2 STOP Q
One Time 15 Days START Q3 STOP Q
One time Monthly START Q4 STOP Q
Auto Renewal 3 days START QA STOP Q
Auto Renewal Weekly START QB STOP Q
Auto Renewal 15 days START QC STOP Q
Auto Renewal monthly START QD STOP Q

Short Code: 17138

How a user account is created?

User account is created when you subscribe to Quizlo.

Does Quizlo have content in local language?

Yes, Quizlo has content in local language Nepali.

Which categories / topics of questions and answers does Quizlo provide?

Quizlo cover wide spectrum of questions from below categories: